+Hardware functions of our systems

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+Hardware functions of our systems

Сообщение KrisGames » Сб окт 14, 2017 9:02 am

Terminator device

Terminator device adds support for hardware methods of removing information to the Terminator system expanding its capabilities. Terminator devise allows you erase data by pressing a button located outside of the computer, for example, on device itself or on remote control radio charm.

It is more convenient and efficient than clicking the mouse on the screen; in fact you may not be able to step up to the computer in an emergency situation. In addition, the Terminator device allows using different sensors and buttons: security ones, sensors for opening the system unit, etc., for automatic removal of information.

WebElf device

If your WebElf system is equipped with WebElf device, you can manage not only computer, but a variety of electronic devices, kitchen appliances, home illumination, automation systems, etc. via your mobile phone.

For that you need determine at once what you want to control before ordering the device. It's done to set off device keys in the quantity you need and in the power you need. Can't you determine what keys would you need to manage your appliances? Our specialists will help you!

Defender device

If your Defender system is equipped with Defender device, you can highly enhance the area protection level, mounting piezoelectric radiators on the glass and/or electromagnetic radiators on the walls and partitions.

In this case you need to determine what types of radiators you will use while making an order and we will complete your device with required output amplifiers with necessary power and in the sufficient quantity. Have any doubts? - Our experts will help you!

ICQ : 470-451-451
Mail: KrisGames@yandex.ru

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