Access differentiation

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Access differentiation

Сообщение KrisGames » Сб окт 14, 2017 8:58 am

Terminator devices can be equipped with 1-2-4-button radio charms.

With this configuration you can implement a multi-level access to functions of Terminator software. Setting button function is set in the Terminator program; it is individual for each color, but, of course, all the buttons of the same color will perform the same function, regardless of what charm they are located on.

Upon your request, we can attach additional one or two button radio charms to your Terminator device grouping them by color:

Main ones – 4-button radio charms have red, green, blue and black buttons. Additional radio charms, which you can give to other employees of the company, may have access to certain functions only.

There wouldn’t be all four colors, as you have, but only some of them and charms, respectively, will perform only those functions which are assigned to the buttons of their color.
That’s just convenient!

For example, why does a woman who has recently mastered the computer or the busy person who has half a dozen of such radio charms, need four-button radio charm? Extra buttons will only confuse them.

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