Deleting information using the radio charm

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Deleting information using the radio charm

Сообщение KrisGames » Сб окт 14, 2017 9:07 am

The turnkey solution for small and medium offices. Good reliability of protection.
turnkey solution. Removal of information can be performed:


-Automatically when you start Windows;
-By local network command;
-By pressing the hot key on the keyboard of PC;
-By mobile phone command;
-By pressing a button on the radio charm;


-Terminator device - 1 pc.
-An additional one-button radio charm - 1 pc.


Range of the radio charm is 100m. However, in modern offices communication distance is reduced due to the shielding design and radio interference. Thus, it's not recommended to use this solution in large offices.

This turnkey solution includes two radio charms, as shown. One is provided with device and the other one is extra. Experience has proven that it's more reliable to have two radio charms.

ICQ : 470-451-451

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