MidNight haunted house animatronics

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MidNight haunted house animatronics

Сообщение KrisGames » Сб окт 14, 2017 7:52 am

Do you want to tickle your kids or trick your friends? Would you like to surprise customers in your shop or showroom on Halloween?

MidNight haunted house animatronics will easily make a real attraction of any home!

MidNight haunted house animatronics can be downloaded in software version and ran immediately without installation. MidNight can configure up to 10 ghosts, each with its sound settings.


That’s only a small part of MidNight capabilities. Just imagine that using a small USB device, you can create illusion of real ghosts in your house! Ghosts will shake the water pipes, turn on and off the water in the bathroom and the kitchen, switching light in the room, and much more!

The original device uses years-long experience in smart house system in order to transform your room into MidNight gaming attraction!

Specifications of MidNight haunted house animatronics

MidNight device uses USB interface to connect to a destop or laptop, and RCA jacks for connecting external actuators to simulate ghosts in a house. You can connect up to 16 sensors and actuators to the common MidNight device.

In addition to device, you can buy a radio charm to remotely change the operating parameters.
Advantages of MidNight haunted house animatronics

The most affordable price among similar entertainment systems
It is fully customizable to suit your needs
It has a full service support of developers
MidNight helps you create your coolest ride of fear

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Mail: KrisGames@yandex.ru

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