Do you need a sound masking machine

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Do you need a sound masking machine

Сообщение KrisGames » Пн июл 27, 2020 8:09 am

Sometimes, it’s difficult to call modern methods of business competition honest. It became a standard practice to use recorders and wiretapping devices to still data.

No one is safe from confidential conversations conducted in a head office or in a meeting room to become available to third parties. If you have something to hide and your confidential information is really important for you, it’s advisable to purchase one of the protection systems, such as Defender, a sound masking machine. In such a way you can protect your conversations from listening.

Do you need a sound masking machine

We are proud to present Defender, a system of protection against listening. Principally, that’s a sound masking machine. No bug can effectively act in such circumstances, as a noise and wiretapped speech are inseparable.

Thus, Defender system doesn’t prevent wiretapping, but makes results totally unusable. Therefore, you don’t have to care of searching for tiny bugs in your office any longer.

Effective protection against listening executed by Defender is based on conventional speakers, which can be found in every modern PC.

How Does a sound masking machine work?

Defender noise generator consists of a small USB device and special software; Defender has to be installed on Windows PC's.

A rear panel of this device has connectors. Through them the device is connected to a PC sound card, speakers and, if necessary, a special circuit of piezoelectric and/or electromagnetic emitters, creating additional protection from listening.


User of the system has to run the program and select the desired mode of operation. Program settings are very simple, so one can cope with them without any problems.

If important negotiations are underway in the room, the only thing need to remember is to run the program. To do that just click Start button. Now your room is protected from listening and none of words spoken in the room would reach the ears of the third party.

Who would benefit from sound masking machine?

At the present time, this masking machine comes in several options differing in functionality.

Currently, Defender sound masking machine is in demand among both corporate and private customers. Anyone, who wants to be sure that his commercial or personal confidential information would remain safe, may use this noise generator computer system and get reliable protection against listening.

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