Erasing hard drive

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Erasing hard drive

Сообщение KrisGames » Пн июл 27, 2020 8:02 am

In modern business dirty methods are common. Business competitors are extracting information in various ways.

Data leakage is sometimes equivalent to a loss of business: if competitors receive that data, the damage would be non-recoverable. That’s why leaders of industry are concerned about the protection of trade secrets. Those secrets imply legal documents, customer databases, accounting reports or result of the unique development work. Such files are generally stored on office PCs, as they are used on a regular basis.

Sometimes it’s better to allow erasing hard drive, than to let it fall into unworthy hands. We have developed the Terminator software for such cases. Terminator is the system that allows erasing hard drive data immediately. In case of emergency you can delete file and clean hard drives quickly and effectively.

Install and configure the software, and you'll never worry about the confidentiality of your personal information. Simply specify the information that has to be deleted immediately to prevent leakage, and Terminator will perform erasing of hard drive selectively. It will permanently erase data bypassing the recycle bin.


The Terminator system consists of an external USB device Terminator, connected to PC via the USB port, and Windows software. The mere fact that the Terminator meant for erasing hard drive was developed at a defense plant, speaks about its reliability. We have been supplying the Terminator system for more than 8 years, and in all that time there have been no complaints or breakage. This allows us to guarantee the service life of our devices.

Thanks to the unique algorithm this system of erasing hard drive has no analogues. Data deleting is performed beyond recovery. Several versions of the system were developed, so you can pick up the optimal level of protection for each situation.

In modern business dirty methods are common. Business competitors are extracting information in various ways.

Those who have already installed the Terminator system include different banks, trading houses and even individuals who are worried about keeping their personal information and erasing hard drive in case of emergency. Take care of information today, get an opportunity to permanent delete files, and you won’t have to think about resolving problems tomorrow.

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